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Verizon Wireless is often regarded as the country’s best network in overall performance in industry surveys. Although they are not the cheapest, their pricing has become very competitive these last few years in the face of their rivals outpaced them in growth of new customers. They have overhauled their plans to make them more attractive then ever.

Verizon now offers true unlimited plans starting from $80, and economical plans starting at $55 with anywhere from 2 GB to 8 GB of high-speed data included. Accounts with multiple lines of service get additional price breaks. With their revised competitive offers, customers who want access to excellent cellphone service can do so at competitive plan prices.

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The Verizon Wireless Network

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Verizon Wireless uses CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology. This technology is used in ultra-high-frequency (UHF) cellular telephone systems in the 800-MHz and 1.9-GHz bands.



Verizon was the first to launch 4G LTE in 2010 and improved network through XLTE in 2014. In 2016, Verizon introduced LTE Advanced which provided 50% faster internet speeds to 461 cities. In the next few years, Verizon plans to move away from CDMA technology in favor of an all-LTE system. This method of transmitting voices is sometimes referred to as Voice over LTE or VoLTE.

Verizon will soon launch 5G LTE which was said to begin operating in Sacramento, CA. These services will use radio signals instead of copper or fiber cables to provide the fastest Internet speed possible with the technology. Verizon will keep on giving updates regarding this.

It consistently ranks number one as the highest-performing network (with ties for No. 1 in some categories) in industry surveys conducted by JD Power and Associates and Root Metrics.

No Contracts

All current New Verizon plans are now no-contract plans. They have both regular post-paid phone plans and prepaid phone plans do not require long-term contracts. Verizon stopped their two-year contractual agreement for plans back in Jan 2017. New customers can sign on to have a Verizon service plan work with a phone they bring with them, or else purchase a new phone from Verizon.

When purchasing a new phone, they have the option to pay by installments through a 24-month period. In that case, there is a two year cotractual obligation to pay up for the phone. With high end smartphones now costing close to $1000, many are opting to pay off their phones over time.

Note that even though the plans are no-contract, there is still a contract on the phone if you choose to pay it over a two-year period.



Verizon Phones


Verizon Wireless has a wide selection of phones to choose from. They offer brand new smartphones, basic phones and certified pre-owned phones on installment and prepaid basis.

The latest iPhones and Samsung models are available, including iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S phones, and many more.

Some of the best-selling phones are Samsung Galaxy S8+, Apple iPhone 8, and Samsung Galaxy S9 with prices ranging from $20 to $50 per month for installment basis or ranging from around $550 to $1000 if you choose to pay upfront.

Other models available are Asus, LG, Motorola, Sonim, Google, HP and Verizon phone. Discounts are also offered on selected phones which help consumers save more.

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Bring Your Own Device

Verizon also offers the “Bring Your Own Device”. All you need to do is bring your own device and choose among the postpaid plans Verizon is offering and have it activated.

You can also sign on Verizon plan through bringing your own phone. The advantages of the BYOD are that you get a free sim card and there are no contracts. However, devices that were previously used under a different network provider can also qualify for BYOD but would need to be verified for compatibility. A device ID will be needed to check the device’s eligibility. This can be done through Verizon’s website.


You can also Trade-in your old device with Verizon. 3G prepaid phones should have been active for 6 months while 4G prepaid phones should have been activated and at least have paid the first month to be eligible. This allows you to get the phone you wish at a lower price due to the credit from trading your old phone in. The appraised value will depend on the condition of the phone you are trading in.

Verizon Wireless Plans

The New Verizon Plan consists of two unlimited plans: Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited Plans, and 3 levels (Small, Medium, Large) of plans with unlimited talk/text and limited GBs of high speed data.

The more lines of service subscribed, the lower the average cost per line will be. There is a maximum limit of up to 10 devices per plan account.

Go Unlimited

Go Unlimited costs $75 per month with autopay for 1 line. The cost per line goes down when more lines are subscribed. For example, 4 lines are priced at $160 per month total. This averages out to $40 per month, per line.

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Verizon Up rewards
  • Streaming (DVD-quality at 480p)
  • Call, text, and data in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot (600 kbps)
  • Military discount

Though it does not provide HD quality videos, you can still enjoy unlimited streaming in DVD quality (480p). For a smartphone screen, this works well.



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Beyond Unlimited

Beyond Unlimited costs $85 per month with autopay. It gives you unlimited data plus more.

The plan includes:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Unlimited calls, text, and data in Mexico and Canada
  • HD-quality streaming
  • Verizon Up Rewards
  • Unlimited Hotspots (After 15 GB/line, speed is reduced to 600 kbps)
  • Military discount

This plan is perfect for those who want to watch videos in HD-quality.

Check Verizon’s Official Website for the most current prices.

Not using the internet regularly on your phone?

Verizon 5 GB Single Line Plan

New Verizon Plan Single Line Smartphone Plan 5 GB – $40, plus a $20 line access fee. For one person, it’s $60 a month. There is a $5/month discount (ie. $60 55 a month) with AutoPay and Paperless billing.

  • Unlimited talk/text
  • Data Boost $15/1GB
  • Carryover Data
  • Safety Mode
  • $20/ mo line access fee
  • Includes International long distance to Mexico and Canada

Let’s go over additional Verizon’s alternative plans that might fit your needs.

Small/ Medium/ Large Plans

1. Small ($35/month) – 2 GB data

2. Medium ($50/month) – 4 GB data

3. Large ($70/month) – 8 GB data

There is an access charge of $20 to add a line of service to each plan. You can add multiple lines to each plan.

Friends and Family Bundles: For a family that uses multiple lines of service, the average cost per line can be very economical. For example, a $35/month plan can be shared amongst 3 users for $95 total per month or $32/month per person. The calculation is as such: $35 plan fee + $20 X 3 Line access fee = $95 total.

These plans includes:

o Unlimited Calls and Texts
o Verizon Up Rewards
o Military discount
o Extra 1 GB at 4G speed ($15)
o Carry-over data (Unused data will be rolled over to next month’s cycle. It will be added to the following month’s allotted data without additional charge.)

It is perfect for people who do regular surfing and only occasionally watch videos.

A $15 discount will be given to active military service members and veterans, and $5 discount on the monthly fee if you sign up for autopay and paperless billing.

Another option is to look into Verizon Prepaid Plans. They are generally less expensive for single lines with limited data (under 10 GB). However, prepaid plans have less options. For example, they cannot do international roaming for voice calls when you are outside of the US.

Single Device Plan

Comes with unlimited calls and text and carry-over data.

1 GB- $10
2 GB- $20
4 GB- $30
6 GB- $40
8 GB-$50
10 GB- $60
Note: Data overage is $10/GB
Paperless billing is required.

Single Line Basic Phone Plan ($30/month) – For Non-Smartphones

o Unlimited calls and texts
o Unlimited International Messages
o 500 Mb data
$5 will be charged for every 500 MB over usage.

For more pricing details, please check Verizon’s Official Website.

International Calling/Texting

Verizon offers International services while outside the USA to keep you connected to your loved-ones and important people.


$5/day per line in Mexico and Canada (no daily fee on the Go and Beyond Unlimited Plan)
$10/day per line in over 130 countries

– Calls, Text and data allotment will be based on your domestic plan’s allowance.
– You can get in touch with people outside the US through Verizon’s international services.

Standard Pay per Minute

If you seldom make calls outside the country, pay per minute can be an option for you.
Calling rate is $0.49/min only to over 230 countries.

Unlimited Together- World ($15/month)

Enjoy unlimited international calls to over 70 countries for landline phones and nearly 40 countries for mobile phones and over 160 countries additional for as low as $0.05/min.

Unlimited Together – North America

Unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada for as low as $5/month per line and $0.05/min for calls to over 230 countries.

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