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Simple Mobile iPhone 8Simple Mobile offers low cost prepaid smartphone plans starting at $25 a month. This $25 a month plan comes with unlimited talk unlimited text, 1 GB of high-speed data (4G LTE) and unlimited 2G data once that cap is met. For users who are constantly using their phones for video streaming, Simple Mobile’s Truly Unlimited plans from $50 a month will allow them to freely do that.

Compared to other prepaid phone companies or no contract cellular plans, Simple Mobile offers enormous value and flexible pricing to suit both casual and serious phone users, and many others in between. Their plans work for both iPhone or Android smartphone users.




  • Reliable connections through the T-Mobile network.
  • Flexible monthly plans starting from $25 a month for unlimited talk, text, 1 GB high-speed data. Once high-speed data reaches its cap, customers can still access 2G data speeds.
  • Additional discounts with auto recharging (Auto ReUP).
  • Truly unlimited data plans with no high-speed caps are available from $50 a month.
  • No contract.
  • No credit check.
  • Prepaid plans ensure that there are no overage charges.
  • Cheaper compared to most providers. T-Mobile Prepaid $45 a month (4GB high-speed data), StraightTalk costs $45 a month (8GB high-speed data), Total Wireless ($35 a month). Verizon Prepaid costs $40 a month (3GB high-speed data with carryover).
  • Use it with an unlocked T-Mobile compatible GSM phone or else buy a phone through Simple Mobile. Latest smartphone choices available.
  • Unlimited US and international texting.
  • Unlimited international calling to numerous countries like Mexico, Canada, India and China.


  • For low usage, TracFone has lower minimum spends ($125 for 12 months, or $10.42 per month)
  • Some people prefer the Verizon network over T-Mobile (which powers the Simple Mobile service). The prices are getting close. You can check out Total Wireless or Verizon prepaid.
  • Limited to GSM phones or Simple Mobile phones. Customers can purchase a new cell phone through SIMPLE Mobile’s website (they are GSM phones and are meant to work with the SIMPLE Mobile service)
  • They focus on low cost individual plans. No family plans for extra savings.

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Simple Mobile Detailed Review

Company Background

Simple Mobile logo
SIMPLE Mobile started in 2009 with the premise of offering simple inexpensive cell phone plans to unlocked GSM phone users. The company aimed to empower mobile freedom by the swift change of a SIM card. It made the complicated industry more understandable, affordable, and people friendly. The service operates on T-Mobile’s GSM network and the coverage area is nationwide with a continually expanding 4G network.

The company offered a winning proposition, and it’s success is clear as it rose to became the fastest growing mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in wireless history. Tracfone Wireless Inc., the largest prepaid phone services company in the US, acquired Simple Mobile in 2012. With this, a new chapter in the company began.

In the last few years, SIMPLE Mobile has widened the scope of cellular plans it offered, adding a low cost $25 a month smartphone plan option. It has also started selling iPhone and Android smartphones that are fully compatible with their plans.

Simple Mobile Prepaid Plans

Monthly Cost Monthly Cost (with auto-recharge) Talk Text High Speed Data
$25 $23.75 Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB
$30 $28.50 Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB
$40 $37.50 Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB
$50 $45.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
$60 $57.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited/ 8 GB Mobile Hotspot tethering

Monthly period is defined as 30 days of service.
Once the High-Speed data limit is met, data is still transferred at 2G speeds.
With Truly Unlimited data plans, there are no high-speed data limits. Speeds will remain at 4G LTE (phone must be LTE compatible).
International Calling and Texting – Plans include unlimited international texting, and unlimited international calls to countries like Mexico, Canada, China, and India. For other countries, a $10 pay as you go Global Calling can be added. The calling credit can be carried over for up to 180 days after the last use, provided that the service period remains active throughout.

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Pricing subject to change over time, please verify before purchase:

Check SIMPLE Mobile Phones and Plans on their Official Website – Type in Zipcode

Simple Mobile offers medium to high usage plans ranging between $25 to $60. All unlimited plans include unlimited calling to landlines in 64 countries. Their service works in the US and in Mexico. When it comes to data, you can get different allowances depending on the type of plan that you will get.

There are a full line of plans you can choose from. For example, the $25 plan includes unlimited phone calls and texts. You will also get international texts. This also includes 1GB high-speed monthly data allowance, before defaulting to 2G speed. The $60 plan has the same benefits, but includes unlimited high-speed data. You will also be given extra 8GB mobile hotspot. The speed will also be 4G LTE which is great for video streaming on DVD quality.

To save even more, use Auto ReUp to keep your service active. Auto ReUp is the feature that lets customers set their account up to be automatically charged every 30 days.



How To Get Started

You need to have a T-Mobile compatible GSM phone. This can be purchased from Simple Mobile, or through Amazon or eBay. If you already have a compatible phone, the next step is to get a Simple Mobile SIM kit and service plan to activate your service. If you are a current T-Mobile customer, you can use your existing phone.

With a cellphone and plan in hand, you are ready to get activated. This can be done online or through calling a toll-free customer support number.

You can choose to keep your current phone number or else start fresh with a new one. Most existing landline and mobile phone numbers can ported over. However, there is a minimal chance that the phone number cannot be transferred (eg. when it’s not in their service zip code areas or when there are rare technical complications related to trunk line connections).

When transferring an existing phone number, the recommended procedure is to keep your current service until the number has been successfully transferred. According to Simple Mobile’s website, 95% of phone numbers transfer within 48 hours.

Simple Mobile Phones

Simple Mobile also offers a wide variety of mobile phones to choose from. They have the latest iPhones and Androids. For people who would rather not spend $800 on a phone, there are quality mid-range models or older models that have been discounted. Android fans can choose from Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung Galaxy J series, LG X Style LTE, Huwei Sensa LTE, Alcatel phones, or ZTE mobiles. These phones are available for comparison and review on their website.



You can also choose to keep your existing phone or tablet as the company has BYOD or Bring Your Own device program. This will allow you to use your own tablet which supports a SIM card or mobile with the Simple Mobile SIM card. The device should operate in GSM 850 and 1900 MHz bands. This is for you to be able to enjoy the full power and signal Simple Mobile offers.

Simple Mobile offers a wide variety of phones, with prices ranging from under $100 to above $700. For less expensive phones, most people would just pay for them outright. For more expensive phones like the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series models, you can choose to purchase it through a payment plan. This is a separate agreement from the monthly subscription of your cell phone service.

If you choose to buy your phone from Simple Mobile, you can do it through SmartPay:

1. Select your mobile device and service plan.
2. Check out with SmartPay.
3. Wait for approval.

A social security number, $1000 monthly income, and being of legal age are required to get approval. You will have to provide your email address and basic personal information, as well. Initial payment using your credit or debit card. The account should be associated with a standard US checking account. Your phone will be shipped to you by the supplier.

This is a lease-to-own plan offered by SmartPay. This allows consumers to purchase cellular phones, tablets, and other devices more conveniently, and with payment plans that they can afford.

Your total monthly payment is the combination of your device fee and your service plan. This comes along with fees and taxes. You can choose to pay over the course of 15, 22, or 24 months. The length of plan will be determined upon application. Paying off the lease early is also possible through the Early PayOff Option. This guarantees you to save a lot of money.

The only drawback of SmartPay is that they don’t have a 24/7 customer service and technical support team. Customer service is open from only 8AM to 11:45PM EST, 7 days a week. Though phone support has limited business and operating hours, the website can be a reliable support. It has tutorials, manuals, and guides you can use if you will need any help.

Simple Mobile Phone Upgrade Plan

Simple Mobile offers its loyal customers a great way to get a new phone for free after as little as 6 months on the service. To qualify for that, you will need to subscribe to their higher end plans (eg. $50, $60 and $70 a month). For each month that customers are signed up on auto-pay (also known as a ReUP) for these plans, Simple Mobile offers them points. After accumulating 18 or more points, they will receive a $300 credit towards their phone upgrade. Note: This upgrade program may no longer be available.

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Free Roaming in Mexico

Simple Mobile’s service works the same in the US and Mexico. For those who travel to Mexico, this is a convenient feature to have. They do not need to purchase a separate SIM card or plan.

International Calling

For international students, people who have international business associates, or relatives and friends abroad, Simple Mobile makes it really economical to stay in touch with international calling and texting.

The plan includes unlimited calling to over 60 countries (landlines) including Mexico, Canada, China, and India. For these four countries, mobile calls are included as well. In addition, there are other countries where customers can make either unlimited landline or mobile calls. Under this international calling benefit, customers are given the chance to call 15 unique international numbers every plan cycle.

For countries that are not covered on the “free” list, customers can purchase a $10 global calling phone card. That allows them to make international calls are highly competitive rates.

International Texting

You will also get to send out unlimited international texts when you are in the US.

In Summary

Getting on Simple Mobile is a really good option if you are looking for an affordable plan with solid reception and reliable service. Prices start at $25 a month with unlimited talk/text/1 GB high speed internet access. You can pay more for increased high-speed data allowance, all the way up to truly unlimited data.

Their connections are based on the T-Mobile network, one of the major networks in the USA. Simple Mobile is backed by Tracfone as its owner. As a low cost brand by the largest prepaid service provider in the US, customers are assured of favorable pricing and quality connections. Compared to most providers, you will be getting more high-speed data for a lesser fee.

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