Does FreedomPop Really Offer A Free Cell Phone Plan?

Free Cell Phone Plan

If you are overwhelmed by your cell phone expenses, there are a few low cost plans available in the market today. However, most still cost $15 a month of more. Do you ever wish to find a free cell phone plan? FreedomPop could just be answer to what you are looking for. You may think that Free sounds too good to be true, but it’s something that many are tapping into every month.

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What is FreedomPop? Is it really free? In this article, we answer these and some of the other related questions that others have asked about about FreedomPop.

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Free Cell Phone Plan

An Aug 2017 report published by the Los Angeles Times stated that half of the FreedomPop’s customers use the free package while the other half have upgraded their packages. That amounts to about a million customers sticking to their free cellphone plan and not getting entangled in Freedompop’s paid premium options.



One of the things that have motivated many to subscribe to FreedomPop is the availability of free cell phone and mobile hotspot plans. The company operates on a freemium business model to provide its services. This means that customers can sign up and use the services freely. However, you will have to pay some money if you want to upgrade to superior services.

Is The Plan Really Free?

You will need to pay a one-time activation fee of $39.99 (at the time of this writing, check current offer). The free offer package includes a free high grade smartphone phone as well.

You will then be enrolled in a premium plan for a free trial period. That main “catch” is that you will have to stay alert and downgrade from that premium plan that you are enrolled in, to Freedompop’s basic free plan. Their Free plan comes with 500 MB data, 200 minutes and 500 text messages (check current offer).

The downgrade needs to complete before your free 14-day trial period is over. The process to get a 100% free plan is open to all, and many have taken advantage of it.

In one sense, the plan is not totally free, if you consider that you have to pay an activation fee and do some work to downgrade. You will need to keep track of your trial period expiration date and then log in to your account to downgrade in time. You will need to pay attention to qualify for free.

Disable Auto Top-Up and Other Service Plans

By downgrading, you will avoid being billed for continuing to use FreedomPop.



However, you are still liable for an overage charges (Auto Top Up) and other service plan charges. If you use anything beyond what’s allocated in your free pacakge, you will be billed extra through their Auto-Top-Up feature. In addition, you may also be enrolled in different service plans, for example with Premium Plus that offers voicemail and data rollover etc.

To be free of all these, check out the steps outlined in this tutorial on FreedomPop’s Forum.

If you take the correct steps, then your plan becomes totally free. And it continues month after month. That represents huge savings considering that alternatives are $15 a month or more. It’s at the very least a fair deal.

In future, you can still upgrade to better plans if you are not contented with a basic package. Read our full FreedomPop Review >>

Need More Data?

The FreedomPop Automatic Top Up Plan feature comes in handy when you want to always have service available. The automatic top-up plan will be activated once the data usage drops to 100 MB. The feature ensures that you continue using the phone service even when you are likely to exceed your data limit. The company will charge you a $15 credit. It is possible to disable the auto top-up feature, but you will need to put down a $5 deposit.

About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles-based company that provides mobile VoIP and mobile wireless services. It strives to cut a niche in the market by providing free mobile phone and wifi hotspot services.

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FreedomPop’s phone plans, whether free or paid, are almost always routed through internet telephony (ie. voice over internet protocal – VOIP). The only exception is when you subscribe to their Premium Voice plan that provides selective access to a cellular voice network. Other than that, calls are VoIP based and they connect through Sprint or AT&T’s data networks instead of their voice networks.

Customers are able to access free services are provided through the company’s basic plans. If you would want to use more services, you can subscribe to the premium plans which come at an extra cost.

FreedomPop is able to provide its services by collaborating with established telecommunication networks like Sprint and AT&T. Such collaborations facilitate seamless exchange of voice and data. Their services are mostly through Sprint, and more recently they have began offering AT&T GSM SIM cards.

Additional Paid FreedomPop Plans

If you want to enjoy more services, you can upgrade to FreedomPop’s paid plans. All the advanced plans give users unlimited talk and text communication. They only limit on the amount of data that you can use. For a premium 1GB package, you will get 1GB of data and pay $19.99. A premium 2GB package costs $24.99, where you get 2GB of data. A premium 3GB package costs $29.99 and gives you 3GB of data. The maximum plan is the premium 4GB package which costs $34.99.

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Mobile Hotspot Packages

FreedomPop also offers free and paid wireless internet packages (see current free offer). You can connect any WiFi-enabled device whether it is at home or any other location that has a wireless good internet coverage. This is especially useful as a backup internet service when you are traveling or for those times the home internet is down.

The package comes with a free WiFi hotspot, charger, battery and a complete setup guide. With their basic plan, you will be getting 200 MB of free 4G LTE Data every month (see current free offer). Just keep in mind to downgrade and adjust your account accordingly before the trial period ends.

Free FreedomPop Family Plan (Line Access Fees May Apply)

FreedomPop offers customized plans that are suitable for families and households. The free family cell phone plan includes 1 GB of data that can be shared amongst your family account members. Their family plan offers include unlimited calls, texts, and 1 GB to 25 GB of data that can be shared by the whole family or household.

Since FreedomPop’s free family plan includes more data than just signing on as an individual (also for free), it makes sense that the company charges for accessing this higher level of data. Family plan members will have to pay $5 for each line added. Any additional monthly charges for being on their paid premium plans will apply on top of that $5 per line charge.

The family package allows each family to have up to 10 lines. To check out Freedom Pop’s free and paid family plans, visit FreedomPop’s Family Plans offer page.

Cellular Voice Network Access

FreedomPop’s Premium Voice Plan package is available in areas that experience a weak data connections. Freedompop calls are routed through the data network through VoIp technology. However, sometimes data signals can be weak. Instead of dropping the calls, the Premium voice package facilitates the transfer of voice data through a cellular voice network. This package costs $3.99 per month


FreedomPop offers 100% free plans, but you need to be alert and downgrade from all the paid or premium options that comes included when you first sign up (more info). The company certainly stands out in the crowd by offering free phone and wireless internet services.

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If you are curious about FreedomPop’s services and don’t mind doing a little legwork, you can subscribe to their initial trial and then downgrade to their 100% free plan. This allows you to take things one step at a time. If the free plan meets your expectations, then you will be saving a lot of money each month.

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Visit Freedom Pop’s Official Offer on their website

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