Discounted Unlocked Phones For Amazon Prime Members

smartphone apps is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of Internet-based selling; it has brought shopping in the convenience of your own home by just sitting in front of your computer and checking the items on their website.

Amazon has recently launched a great deal for its valued customers, the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program focusing on unlocked phones. Terms and conditions of the program are subject to change, so please check the latest details at

Why Unlocked Phones?

Owning a phone is now a necessity and buying it online is a breeze. But Amazon has made it even better by selling unlocked phones at lower prices. An example of a popular unlocked phone is the BLU R1 android phone, you can read it’s review here.



Locked phones work only with the network that it is locked to. For example, if you purchase a Straight Talk iPhone 6, and it will only work with Straight Talk. Locked phones are cheaper than unlocked ones for the same model. Buying a locked phone carries the hassle of bringing the unit to a cell phone repair shop or to a center carrier service network to have it unlocked (of course, you are charged for the service).

Unlocked phones, on the other hand, are more pricey because you can insert any SIM card of a chosen carrier and it will get to work already. If you had a change of mind, you can always switch your carrier by putting out the old carrier’s SIM card and inserting a new one. So if you purchase an unlocked iPhone 6, you can purchase a SIM card or activation kit from Straight Talk or any other carrier of your choice to use the phone with.

Although unlocked phones are more costly, consumers who are Amazon Prime customers will now enjoy unlocked phone offers at discounted prices, as compared to non-Prime customers.

Amazon Exclusive Phones

Amazon has surprised their Prime members with great deals for unlocked phones. A discount is given to Prime members for unlocked phone offers. Prime members of Amazon are those who have subscribed to be a Prime member by paying an annual membership fee. Some of the perks of being a Prime member include access to music, playlists, stations, video streaming, e-books, and eligibility to discounts exclusive to Prime members such as this newest program, the Prime Unlocked Phones.

For Amazon Prime members, the purchase price of unlocked phone has been slashed down to very attractive levels. You can find offers here.

However, the deal comes with a catch: The unlocked phones come with Lockscreen offers and ads. These ads pop up every time your phone is on lock screen mode, which can be quite draining for the battery and annoying for the user. There are also certain ads that, when tapped, automatically redirect to the site so you might have a harder time navigation on your phone.



Still, the screaming discounts for Android phones in this Amazon deal are probably enough to make one forget — or at least tolerate — the inconvenience of these Lockscreen ads. What do you think?

Note: The details of this program can change with time. Please check the latest details at The Amazon ads listed on this page can be for phones both in and out of the discounted phone program.

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