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For a long time, Boost Mobile has consistently been recognized as a top no contract phone company. However, their image of specializing in blackberries, and competition from brands like Straight Talk or Net10, has taken a toll on their popularity. Still, they remain a viable choice for serious cell phone users due to the range of quality phones and unlimited cell phone plans. In this review, we take a look at their pros and cons compared to other best rated no contract providers, as well as their company background, service reliability, plan pricing details, phone options and more.



  • Unlimited cell phone plans start at $50/month, with a discounts program that will lower fees by up to $15/month. That means an unlimited talk/text/2.5 GB data plan would cost at little at $35/month (feature phones) or $40/month (smartphones).
  • Clear phone connections through the Sprint network.
  • Great selection of the latest smartphones (iPhones and Androids) and feature phones/non-smartphones at good prices.
  • Certified pre-owned phones program lowers cost of phone ownership.
  • Supports the Blackberry Curve 9310, and offers the phone at a good discount on their site.
  • Generous web deals on the Boost Mobile website.
  • Good international calling/texting rates.


  • There are no Pay As You Go plans. Phone plans are not economical for light phone users, as all plans are unlimited plans.

Why Choose Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile plans are best recommended for users who will benefit from unlimited plans with a bundle of features like voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. They are one of the most established and reliable prepaid phone companies. In addition, with their Shrinking payments discounts, their unlimited plans offer unbeatable value.

Very light to light or moderate phone users may want to compare Boost Mobile with TracFone or Net10. For heavy texters, compare what you get at Boost Mobile with Virgin Mobile’s $35/month plan. Factor in potential Shrinking Payments discounts, if you are the sort who stick with a provider for a while if they are good. See this Phone Plans Comparison Chart.



Boost Mobile Detailed Review


Boost Mobile logoBoost Mobile is one of largest and most established prepaid no-contract phone companies. Boost Mobile US was set up in 2001, as a partnership between it’s Australian founders and Nextel Communications. Nextel was eventually bought by Sprint. Today, Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint.

Boost Mobile offers a wide range of both smartphones and non-smartphones, with lots of up-to-date brand name models at competitive prices.

Boost Mobile provides a very cost-effective way for cell phone users through their competitive pricing approach. In addition, they incentivize new and existing customers through recurring monthly bill reductions, web specials and other types of phone discounts.

Boost Mobile has been rated by JD Power and Associates as offering the “Highest Satisfaction with the Purchase Experience among Non-Contract Wireless Providers.”

To see where Boost Mobile rates amongst the top no contract phone providers, see the Cell Phone Providers Reviews section.

Cellular Network Reliability

Cellular networkBoost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint. Clear phone connections are available through the Sprint network. This includes high speed 4G LTE data in certain areas. Users do need a phone that is compatible with 4G to access this speed, or it would default back to likely 3G speeds.



Most users are very satisfied with the quality of voice calls. You can check the coverage in your local area by visiting their website and clicking on the coverage link at the top.


Boost Mobile No Contract Phone Plans

Boost Mobile specializes in monthly unlimited prepaid phone plans without contracts. They also have an alternative daily unlimited plan that mimics their regular monthly plan. We explain both these options below.

Boost Mobile does not offer conventional Pay As You Go plans, where users pay for a limited number of minutes or text messages sent. If these are the type of plans you need, consider TracFone or Net10.

Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited Plans

Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited PlansAlmost all of Boost Mobile’s monthly unlimited plans are standardized to offer unlimited talk, text and data. High speed data is limited to 2.5 GB per month.

  • $50/month – Feature Phones/Non-smartphones (touchscreen, slider, Qwerty keypad)
  • $55/month – Smartphones (Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Kyocera)
  • $60/month – For Blackberry Phones
  • $45/month (only unlimited plan without no data) – For Blackberry Curve 9310

Users pick their plans based upon the type of cell phones they choose. Another way to put it is that your monthly phone service cost is dependent on the type of Boost cell phone you use. For example, you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, it will be the $55/month plan.

All Boost Mobile phone plan subscribers also receive features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding. 3-way calling is usually included, depending on the phone model.

Shrinking Payments – Customers who pay their bills on time get rewarded with a $5/month reduction in their phone bill. The first bill shrinkage kicks in after 6 months (of on-time payments), another $5/month off after 12 months and finally the last $5/month shrinkage after 18 months of on-time payments. Currently, the program does not require the number of on-time payments to be consecutive. That means even if users were to be late for one or two payments in between, the previous on-time payments would still count towards the number of times of on-time payments. In total, customers can trim their monthly cell phone bill by $15/month.

That works out to as low as $35/month for an unlimited plan for feature phones/non-smartphones. An unlimited plan for smartphones including 2.5GB high speed data would cost $40/month. That makes it cheaper than any other company for these unlimited plans, after the discounts.

Mobile Hotspot (using a smartphone as a wireless modem to connect a computer to the internet) – A mobile hotspot feature used to be available with certain models of Boost Mobile smartphones. Currently, the choice appear to be no longer available.

Boost Mobile Daily Unlimited Plans

Boost Mobile offers an alternative to its monthly unlimited plan with a daily plan. Customers are charged either $2 or $3 daily for unlimited talk, text and data. The plans are just like the unlimited monthly plans, but users are charged a per-day fee everyday.



The daily plan option is used mainly as a “gap” plan solution when a customer runs out of cash to fully pay for their regular monthly phone bill. Rather than having the phone service deactivated because one does not have money to pay the entire monthly bill, a user can temporarily switch to paying $2 or $3 a day to keep service active. Daily payments can continue until such time they receive their paycheck and revert back to their monthly billing set-up.

The key is not to misunderstand the Daily Plan as a payment plan option where you will only be charged the $2/$3 fee on the days you do actually use it. For anyone curious, there are no prepaid phone plans that charge only for active days. There are always some type of airtime charges needed to keep the phone line active even during periods where there is no cell phone use.

Boost Mobile No Contract Phones


Boost Moto-G Android Phone

Boost Moto-G Android Phone

Boost Mobile provides users with a great range of prepaid smartphones and non-smartphones. Their smartphone models presents a lot of choices for consumers, such as the iPhone 5c/5s, Motorola Moto G, Samsung Galaxy SIII, LG Optimus F7, HTC One SV, HTC EVO and more. There are also Boost Mobile branded models, such as the Boost Max, made by Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE. ZTE branded phones are also part of the Boost Mobile selection.

Whether it is an budget smartphone, mid-range or premium model that one may be interested in, Boost Mobile has options for all shoppers. Prices range from under $50 for an entry-level or certified pre-owned smartphone to $500+ for the most advanced smartphones.

Total Wireless Phones
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Blackberry curve 9310

Boost Blackberry Curve 9310

Blackberry phones are another good choice for phone users. A model like the Blackberry Curve 9310 could be considered a basic smartphone by some, or classed as a non-smartphone with wifi access by others. However you like to classify it, Blackberries are reliable devices that allow for easy communications. Their signature Qwerty keyboard provides users who prefer a real touch keyboard rather than a virtual touchscreen one. On top of all its benefits, they are also well-made and inexpensive prepaid cell phones.


Certified Pre-Owned

Boost Mobile certified pre-owned phone

Boost Mobile Certified Pre-owned Samsung Galaxy SIII

Boost Mobile also has a certified pre-owned phones program that shaves the cost of owning a good smartphone or non-smartphone cell phone to a fraction of what a new phone would cost. Certified pre-owned phones are refurbished phones that have been inspected and restored to a like-new state. These phones cost as much as 50% to 70% less than what the phones would cost brand new. Sometimes, special web deals lower their prices even further down.

Certified pre-owned phones are available only through the Boost Mobile website. They come with the standard free shipping and 14-day guarantee as well.

Feature Phones

Boost mobile LG Rumor Reflex feature phone

Boost mobile LG Rumor Reflex feature phone

Boost Mobile also offers non-smartphones with slider Qwerty keyboards, touchscreens, cameras, MP3 players and more. Boost Mobile classifies them as feature phones.

As an example, the LG Rumor Reflex pictured here is a popular model. This phone is a lot more than a basic cell phone. It features a voice activated speakerphone feature with auto dialing, a 3 inch touchscreen that makes it easy for navigating apps and games, 2 MP camera for pictures and videos, a slide out Qwerty keyboard for easy texting and more. It is a top of the line feature phone model priced at around $80.

Another popular phone is the Samsung Array, which also features slider Qwerty keyboard and 2 MP camera and camcorder. The phone is priced at around $30 (certified pre-owned), which is a great bargain.


No Domestic Long Distance Charges

All Boost Mobile US plans include domestic nationwide long distance at no additional cost.

No Roaming Charges

Boost Mobile connects users using Sprint’s cellular phone network. Phone connections do not roam into other networks owned by companies like AT&T or Verizon. As such, there are no roaming charges. Users can be assured of good phone connections as long as Sprint’s native network signals is strong where they use the phone.

International Rates

Boost Mobile offers several attractive options for users who call or text internationally.

International Plan 1 – International Connect

$5/month for unlimited calls to Mexican landlines and Canadian (Includes mobile phones, Excludes Northern Territories – 867). Unlimited international text messaging.

International Plan 2 – International Connect PLUS

$10/month for unlimited calls to landlines in over 45 countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Canada (Includes mobile phones, Excludes Northern Territories – 867), UK, France, Germany, India, China (includes mobile), Hong Kong (includes mobile), Australia. 5¢/min to call Mexican mobile phones. There are reduced calling rates to landlines/mobile phones for over 200 countries. Unlimited international text messaging.

The above Calling/Texting rates are subject to change. Please check the current rates before you buy.

Free & Easy International Texting

International text messages cost 10¢ each to send or receive, for both monthly and daily plan users.

Phone Insurance

Boost Mobile customers can sign up for a phone insurance plan at $7/month. This is especially relevant for expensive smartphones. Phone insurance ensures that a replacement phone is provided for when a breakdown happens beyond the warranty period of the phone. According to their website, the insurance covers stolen phones, accidental phone damage and mechanical failure. Do read and verify the terms before you sign up.

Online Deals/Promo Codes

Boost Mobile frequently offers web specials that are worth checking out. New Boost phone purchases include free shipping (choose 3-day saver), free activation and a 14-day guarantee.


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