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In this section, we review and rate the best no contract cell phone providers today. The reviews on this page provide a quick sense of what each company is about.

TracFone Wireless

Tracfone company logo
Type of plans: Pay As You Go, Monthly, Family

Rating: Best plans for Light to Moderate phone users (30 to 400 minutes and/or text messages per month)

TracFone is the largest no contract phone company in the US. Founded in 1996, they were one of the first prepaid phone companies to serve the market. TracFone has stayed true to its roots, offering low cost Pay As You Go, Monthly and Family plans to its customers. Cell phone service starts from $7/month, for both smartphones and features phones (regular cell phones). TracFone call connections are made through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Their good network coverage is widely regarded as a strong reason to choose TracFone. Full Review >>

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Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile company logo
Type of plans: Pay As You Go, Monthly, Unlimited Monthly

Rating: Best plans for heavy texters and iPhone users; Best prices and selection of iPhones, Androids

Virgin Mobile distinguishes itself as a no contract provider that offers classy and hip cell phones at affordable prices. They also have a flexible structure of plans that appeal to both moderate and heavy phone users. Whether it is the latest iPhones or recent model Androids or Windows phones, interested shoppers can usually find special offers online for them. Smartphones require the use of their Beyond Talk plans that start from $35/month. Basic non-smartphone cell phone service is available for $20/month. Virgin Mobile phone connections are made through the Sprint network. Full Review >>

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Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk wireless logo
Type of plans: Unlimited Monthly/ High Volume

Rating: Best plans for High volume users

Straight Talk Wireless offers high volume and unlimited cell phone plans to users nationwide. Their plans are affordable at either $30/month or $45/month. A lot of their customers are happy with the value and quality of their Straight Talk phone services. Users can find a good selection of phones offered on their website, such as the latest iPhones, recent Android models or non-smartphones with Qwerty keyboards, touchscreens, wifi and more. In addition, the company offers a Bring Your Own Phone program for consumers who want to keep their current phones. Interested readers can purchase Straight Talk phones and plans either at a Walmart store or on their website where they list the best deals. Full Review >>

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Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile logo
Type of plans: Unlimited Monthly

Rating: Best unlimited pricing for long term customers (Shrinking Payments program allow for up to $15/month off); Best Blackblerry plans

Boost Mobile is a highly rated provider of prepaid no contract phone services, specializing in unlimited monthly plans. They have been in business for well over a decade now, offering no contract cellular phone plans well before no contract plans came into vogue. Their efforts have clearly paid off as they are now a recognized and trusted provider that consumers seek out. Boost Mobile customers like the quality and selection of both smartphones and non-smartphones offered. Besides iPhones and Androids, they also have a special Blackberry Curve phone and plan combo that is very affordable. Boost Mobile customers get to save extra through their Shrinking Payments program that lowers monthly phone bills by as much as $15/month. Full Review >>

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Net10 Wireless

net10 wireless logo
Type of plans: Pay As You Go, Monthly, Family, Unlimited Monthly

Rating: Best all-round no contract service provider. Competitively priced quality plans for Pay As You Go, Monthly and Unlimited

Net10 is a well-recognized and highly regarded brand for prepaid Pay As You Go and Monthly cell phone plans. Their wide range of competitively priced plans appeal to various groups of customers, from those who use their phones moderately, to heavy users who prefer unlimited plans. A basic Pay As You Go plan costs $30 for 60 days of use. Unlimited plans start at just $35 a month. Net10 users can choose from a good range of smartphones or regular feature phones. Users who want to use non-Net10 specific cell phones they already own may be able to do so. One key strength of Net10 is that they offer consumers good coverage through major networks like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Full Review >>

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MetroPCS company logo
Type of plans: Unlimited Monthly

MetroPCS is a major no contract phone service provider. They offer unlimited monthly plans at competitive rates. Users can choose from a wide range of Android smartphones and basic feature phones, all reasonably priced. Plans start at $40/month. They operate their own 4G cell phone network. However, with their recent merger with T-Mobile, their network will be folded completely into T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network by late 2015. Customers can expect their phone connections to be made through an expanded T-Mobile network that is faster and provides higher capacity than MetroPCS’ independent network.

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